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lundi 28 novembre 2011

Advent calendar

I know I have already told about my Advent calendar .
But the time has come to set it out again...
I had made it in 2004 , for the 2 boys , and after there was a girl too, and now with the November baby, that makes it 4 .
I enjoyed making the 24 different little socks, and every year now I only have to fill them up.
I tried to make things to fill them , and realized it is so much easier to find things for girls that would fit in there than for boys ....
 I will soon tell you about what I made , but I don't want to spoil the surprise ...
Though the Squirrel who so willingly volunteered to place the socks did a good job at trying to guess and read with his fingers what was inside ...
Sometimes a part of it stuck out , this is part of the fun too !!!!
And the 3 Rapuntzels watched him very close  :=)

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