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dimanche 30 janvier 2011

lollipop bag

I found a few patterns and tutorials on the net ,one at mavacre 's, in French  and I made my own version, as I wanted it to fasten. ( I recycled a zip )
I used a nice piece of velvet material , that extends , so it seemed ideal for a bag ... I found several tutorials for flowers ... Wanted to crochet one , but eventually made this one in the same material.

 This is the first try, I was almost satisfied with it , but realized that the handles were much too short ... A girl has to have her hands free when she shops ! )

 But I liked the fact that it closed completely ... ( and as I said , could recycle a zip )

 Inside , it is lined with an old  male shirt the colours of which I liked , and I used a pocket to make a hidden  zip pocket , and there is another pocket for a phone , or whatever ....

And this is the final version, after I undid and redid the handles , much longer ....

I intend to make another one ... Maybe several .... !)

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SewCalGal a dit…

I tried to respond to the comment you left on my blog. But your settings are as a no reply blogger. You may want to check the page on my blog labeled "giveaways" as midway down I have tips on how you can change your settings.

And yes, the giveaway on my blog is open to anyone - WW.