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vendredi 17 décembre 2010

Christmas decorations

Easy, quick and cheap ...

Time is short now, I have made a few Xmas decorations lately, but those can be made in minutes if you haven't started yet ..

You only need one or two of those foam meat trays that I had kept for so long, thinking I was crazy, until Michèle from Michèle made me proved that indeed beautiful things ( flowers , but not only ) could be made out of them.

If you are not good at drawing , get a few of those shapes for biscuits , trace on the trays , cut as well you can ( not perfect , but never mind)

And here I am , I get the Xmas feeling on the panes of my atelier ....

2 commentaires:

Michele Pacey a dit…

c'est parfait comme décor de Noel!

DM a dit…

Doublement merci, Michèle D)