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A lot of recycling !!!!

samedi 18 septembre 2010

My workroom ... before

Last July , at last , after so many years , we finally settled ... HOME !
And I was very happy : I was allowed to use the former garage as my own WORKROOM !!!! I decided to use things I had , as much as possible , so I kept this old wardrobe to put my stuff in ....

The place is quite big , and in it there is also a big fridge that we use when the house is full in the summer ....

I was quite decided to have this old wooden desk next to the large glass doors , and put my sewing machine on it , even if it is a bit on the way , but I want to be able to enjoy the view on the garden , it is so pleasant in every weather and any season !

What a mess !!! there was a lot to do !!! Will I manage to find a place for all the stuff , and to make it look ... well , better ...

I could already do a few things ... But it did need tidying !!!!

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