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A lot of recycling !!!!

jeudi 19 janvier 2012

Neck warmer .... and hat .....Victorian ???

This is another recycling job , as for this I used the wool from a 10 year old chenille wool jumper that showed my elbows ... I still liked the colour of the wool, and it took me some patience to undo it , and much quicker after , I made that :

For the neck warmer , it all went quickly and I made it up as it went, as I had no pattern , I also put 4 nice vintage buttons...
I was quite pleased with the result, and still had quite an amount of broken strands , and with that I managed to make the hat to match .I also made it up as I went , starting with a circle ...
I am very pleased with the result !!!!
My daughter number two found it ... Victorian ... Maybe ?
What do you think ???

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