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jeudi 28 octobre 2010

From Pierrot to witch

I had this old Pierrot that had become a rag , and that I almost threw away more than a dozen times ... I didn't know why I didn't thow it away ... Now I know , after our afternoon of witch making , I decided to transform him into a witch ... so you have a few steps of the transformation here :

the creature was falling to pieces ....

I had even given part of his costume to Chocoblue , who was very happy of it and his new eyes ...

I started mending him .... I kept the original eyes ... ( he must be more than 20 years old )

And this is her now :

She loves pearls , there are some on her dress , she has a pearl front , and she likes brown!
And , thank you again, mideco, for the hat ( I had to enlarge it , Pierrot had a big round head , and the boots - I made them fit her ! )

dimanche 17 octobre 2010

Tomberry costume

Today, I have completed this : a costume of TOMBERRY ... I had never heard about that creature before, I must confess my ignorance ... So when Alex ordered it to me , he made a drawing , I looked for pictures on the internet ( there aren't really many ...) It is a sort of lizard -like creature, dressed as a monk ... from what I gathered ...
The monk robe was ok for me to make , but I had to do some thinking for the lizard- like head ... I wanted the boy to be able to breathe in it , but I feared the head might look " empty" , I had made a device to make it look firmer , but gave up the idea ...
I was quite happy of my idea for the popping eyes : it is in fact a Christmas decoration , a transparent sphere that I pierced with a hot needle to fix it on the head ... I hope he will manage to see a little through that ... Though I fear if he wears it for Halloween, he will have to be led by the hand .... Well ...

so , here it is , DO YOU LIKE IT ALEX ?????????????
I even added feet , that wasn't specified in the assignment , but I think it looks nicer ... And I found the knife and the little lantern ..
Thank you M. for trying the costume on , so that I could take the photos ... You look great in it ... Pity no-one will recognize you !!!!

mardi 12 octobre 2010

Pink witch

Today, I have completed this little witch.... I decided for a complete pink , the pattern already was of a cute, funny witch, so I had the idea to change the usual colours of Halloween , I know a little lady who loves pink , I hope she will like my pink witch !!!! Thank you, mideco for the pattern !!!!