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mercredi 1 octobre 2008


This is more than a hobby .
I have practised for many years now. I started taichi at first because I had problems with my back and used to see a Chinese acupunctor , and he directed me to a school of Tai Chi .
Since then , I have found it difficult not to practise at least once a week , and I found out now , even if I move house , that it is easier and easier to find a club where you can do taichi ... Although it is not always the same taichi , but I don't mind , there's always something to learn .
This is where I go now. It is half an hour's walk from home , but I enjoy the walk too ...
If you want to know more about it , well I can tell you that it used to be a martial art , and that what I practise now is more for welfare and well being , it teaches you how to stand , how to walk , how to breathe , simple but vital things ....
And , NO , we don't shout "YO! " , when we do our exercises .. : )

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Nauczyciel TI a dit…

I'm amazed at you :)
My friend can't encourage me to yoga.

Nauczyciel TI a dit…

I create new blog for my students and I'm nauczyciel TI - (IT teacher)


DMblog a dit…

yes I recognized the photo , so I guessed it was you ... but I don't understand the language in your new blog ... very frustrating ... :)